About Us

The Story of Light Ministries International

Its origins were humble. In fact, the first meeting of Light Ministries International was held in a small house at Avenue Surat Quatre Bornes on the 09th February 1997 with 13 people. 

A caring atmosphere, quality leadership, and large-scale preaching missions, known as crusades, attracted people from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.

Today, thousands gather in all branches of Light Ministries International to worship Our Lord Jesus Christ each week.

Our Mission

Light Ministries International exists to raise the standard of God’s people. Our hope is to influence a generation that is inspired to give back ; a generation trained, transformed and equipped to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Bringing the light of Jesus to the world

(John 8:12)

Our Ministry

We are so thankful for the opportunity that God has given to us to share the greatest message of all with individuals, families and communities all over the world. Today the ministry is impacting lives all over the world through live & online church services. Bishop Kevin Permal weekly sermons are streamed live over the internet allowing his powerful messages to reach into virtually every nation.

Our ministry is committed to helping people from all walks of life experience the supernatural touch of God. Every week we are hearing testimonies how lives are being changed and thousands are being transformed by the power of God.

Senior Citizens

Our Organization also has a heart to take care of the elderly person. Outings are organized regularly and educational courses are even being offered to allow these senior people to enjoy a better life.  Light Ministries is actually working on the setting-up of the elderly women residential care center which will be a small step towards bigger achievement towards the wellness of elderly person. Although the vast majority of older people enjoy the benefits of family life, with an ageing population there has been a growing awareness, that older people are sometimes abused or neglected. 

Men & Women Conference

A one-day themed event, every year for men and women who seek spiritual renewal and Christian fellowship. Our conference attracts more than thousands of men and women from all over Mauritius. We exist to help draw them closer to the heart of God…every day.

Youth Meetings

Access to social rights for young people cannot be ensured and promoted without the voices of young people. As part of its work to promote effective policies and programmes for young people, Light Ministries International organizes meetings and workshops on issues related to Youth. This campaign is scheduled every 4 months. More than 200 youth participate for every activity that is organized.

Couple Meetings

Light Ministries firmly believes that happy couples help for a better society.  Paid Couple Seminars is being organized yearly to enable husband and wife to grow and improve their life and relationship.  Lives of couples have been transformed and restored though these training.