Light Bible College

Light Bible College was set up through the Leadership of Bishop Kevin Permal. LBC provides a well-rounded understanding of ministry through a three years of academic, spiritual and practical training.

At LBC, we recognize the value of each person that passes through our doors, and we are committed to investing in those who feel called by God to make a difference in their generation. The importance of this call extends beyond the time you spend on our campus or online; it is an investment in your spiritual life that you take with you wherever God calls you. 

As a student, you will reap the benefits of having the pastoral staff of Light Ministries International as regular lecturers. In addition, Light Bible College is offering online 1st, 2nd & 3rd year courses, and also short online bible classes to suit your needs.

Questions about light bible college?

Connect with us on our whatsapp number : +230 5 865 0737


If you hope to serve the church, there is no better place to grow than here at Light Bible College